Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Joyous January

One year ago, I was in bliss; one year later, I am enthusiastic, passionate and loved not by the very special opposite sex but LOVED by myself and my friends. Ever since I have adopted Law of Attraction into my life, my mind and soul have been rejuvenated. I have been receiving positivity and optimistic sparks and I have never been this elated. I love my life now: no boundaries of romance means I get to spend more time with myself. I have successfully read 4 books in this month and I have met up with 2 of my long-lost friend. My weekly walks with my best friend has been a success. I have once again attended and gave my support for my friend, Liven in her concert. It has definitely been a self-loving month and this shall be continued for the rest of the year.

Thank you, each and everyone of you. 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Vicissitudes and Baubles of 2017

Wow, such bombastic words feast upon the eyes. It is of consternation morning, I was inspired to write my blog post which was a long overdue. Reason being, I have been so engrossed with my precious books and movies and I just wanted to take my time off from the Internet. Regardless, 2017 was unexceptionally the most grueling but fueling year in my life. Here are the top 4 things that I would like to share and remember notwithstanding the bitter and sweets moments:

1. "Oaths are made to catch gulls with" -The Phantom of the Opera
I recently stumbled upon this quote when I was poring over the classic tragic novel. The beginning of  2017 was scrupulously a heartwrenching and everyday I was greeted with requiem mass. I could hardly compose of myself, so much so I had to cut out someone who were once the most undertaking, suave and of loving person to me. There was a promise made in stored between us, however due to the vicissitudes of life, unforeseen circumstances spelt out and there it was, the smouldering wreckage. Regardless, walking out and deciding not to be stay contacted was one of the best decision I've made and after that day, I had never felt so relieved.

2. "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."-Anais Nin
- I took up a part time job and it definitely changed my perception to the outside world. With regards to personal sales achievement, I have garnered more than what I have expected: total commission sales was achieved, my overall salary was handsome. I have met and seen so many different people everyday walking in and out of the store. Some were outgoing whereas some were inimical. One of the most important lesson that I've learnt was that I could never ever please each and everyone in my walk path. (I hate when cliches are right in the head)
- In addition to that quote, I am so eternally grateful to everyone in my life. So grateful that I understand what's best for me. If they are the one, they will stay; if not, purge them out.

3. “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” -Anita Desai
3 weeks before final examinations commenced, I hopped on a plane to Tokyo, Japan for 8 days and 7 nights. Truth to be spoken, I was so grateful that we are the extraordinary ones: who do not frantically flap our wings to travel all 3 places at once like what most people do. We took slow, steady pace of our own and savour Tokyo's finessed, polished, sophisticated of culture, food, transportation and fully immersed ourselves in their daily routine. Japan has been a marvel and refreshing experience. Will come back for more!!! Osaka, Kyoto and Hokaido!

4. Be Grateful and breathe.
I just want to thank 2017 for everything. Even though I have yet saved the earth, or be an influencer of Daniel Wellington watch, or the winner of Best Face Awards 2017, or a participant in some model contest, I've gained a lot spiritually, personally, mentally and intellectually.

To those who have swam into my life for bolstering me, guiding me, loving me and accepting me,
thank you
To those who have swam out of my life like Jaws,
To those whom I have cut out,
To those shallow people from my high school, who used to (or might be now) a miscreant because of my personality or my interest,
To those conceited people who guffaw at my love for English Literature back in high school,
And finally to those who have underestimated my power,
fuck you,
thank you still.