Thursday, 3 August 2017


''Tis the land I trod, no pavement nor valley
''Tis the sky I gaze, no clouds nor birds
''Tis the nature I brace, no tress nor follies 
I stand amid the garrulous waves of despair that stir, 
Splashing, pounding and hammering, 
With a feign of smile blinding through the cracks, 
And a heart that is shattered through the clanks, 
Vexed and debated:-
That no one seems to grasp. -Kahmun 2017

This is the poem that I wrote to my lecturer on his birthday that my classmates agreed on. It is a melancholic poem and it's ironic given it is my lecturer's big day. It has nothing to do with him as a matter of fact. However, I remembered distinctively how I garnered my thoughts and conveyed my obdurate to this despair:

I just landed from Hong Kong. Boarded the bus as I was rushing for Sir's birthday dinner. My curiosity and nosiness were what really pierced through my gut to check on you on social media. My eyes were treated upon murk that I've always avoided. Then, My tears were instantly rolling down my cheeks, the saltiness of those pearls fed my lips. I thought I had already moved on but guess what I was just another vulnerable and broken hearted girl. I was blanched in a saturnine mood. My heart literally pounded upon dead weights and metaphorically chocked in a cry of wreckage. With that image on my mind coupled with the gloomy weather, that poem written in ken of shatter.

ANYHOW, PEOPLE, IM POSTING THIS TODAY BECAUSE THIS IS AN AWESOME POEM TO BE FEATURED IN ANY OF YOU BROKEN HEARTED PEOPLE OUT THERE. I hesitated for a while contemplating to whether or publish this poem because it seems sensitive to me but hey its been 6 months now and I've recuperated because Paolo Coelho once says "Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now." There's no point crying over spilt milk, life goes on and the earth still rotates no matter what. I'm completely content with my life now, and i am beyond excited with what life offers because "I am an adventurer, looking for treasure." :)

/oh shit, there's an unintended pun/ 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Soar high

'You're an intelligent girl, excelling academically shouldn't be an obstacle to you.'

'You're not a slow learner.'

'You're strong, beautiful and fearless. Who are you? You're Chan Kah Mun, the adamant, confident 
and preserved girl. Heartbreaks don't crush you, YOU crush them.'

'You're deserved to be loved and You're worthy of love.'

'Don't feel sympathetic to the guy who leaves you.'

'You're beautiful.'

'Kahmun in whatever desires to be loved.'

'You shouldn't hold onto someone who has already let you go'

'You will learn to overcome your insecurities to find someone who not only loves being with you, but someone who loves every detail that is you.'

'There is 7 billion people of population in this world, you're only residing in a tiny part of this world-Malaysia. The world offers a huge deal and it awaits you to explore. Don't let this one heartbreak changes your perception and all the hidden gems on earth.'

'You're young and heartbreaks are just part of your journey. Kahmun, you're growing up.'

Thanks guys. For believing in me.